AquaTouch Wet and dry electric shaver

AquaTouch Wet and dry electric shaver

Super Lift and Cut, Flexing heads AT750/16


What is the best shaving technique?

  • Move the shaving heads over the skin, making both straight and circular movements.
  • Your skin may need 2-3 weeks to get accustomed to this Philips system.
  • To prevent damage, put the protection cap on the shaver after use.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AT750/16 , AT610/14 , HS8420/23 , HS8440/23 , HQ7742/16 , HS8060/25 , HS8020/33 , HQ7782/16 , HS8020/17 , HS8060/24 , HS8040/17 , HQ6707/16 , HQ6725/16 , HQ7762/16 . more less

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