Designed to sooth naturally

Natural development

Babies suckle to calm themselves. For babies with a strong need to suck beyond feeding, a soother can help to relax your baby. All babies are unique and different and we offer a wide range of soother sizes, shapes and colours. Our Soothing products give your little one the comfort and support they need to develop naturally every step of the way.

Which soother is right for your little one?


Newborn 0-6 months




Baby 6-18 months

  • Promotes natural suckling
  • Lightweight
  • Orthodontic and soft silicone teat
  • Comforts your baby
  • Easy for little hands to grab
  • Orthodontic and soft silicone teat

We recommend soothers to be replaced every 1 month.

Development stages

Babies are growing and developing at their own pace. We identified stages within your baby’s development with a different need for comfort.

All babies are born with a natural suckling reflex and search for comfort to fulfill this strong need.

Your baby becomes more aware of the world around him, there is an emotional need for comfort in daily life.

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