Azur Steam iron

Azur Steam iron

130 g steam boost, 2400 W GC4410/12


My Philips Steam iron does not produce any steam

If your Philips Steam iron has stopped steaming, there might be a simple solution. Discover how to solve it yourself.

Scenario 1: The steam control may have been set to the zero steam position

Set the steam control to a steam position.

Note: Dial graphics are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the dial of specific models.

Temperature dial

Scenario 2: There is no water in the tank and / or the settings have not been set correctly

Step 1: Ensure there is water in the tank

Step 2: Set to the appropriate steam and temperature setting, as shown in the table

  • Green area – Steaming possible
  • Red area – No steaming possible, may lead to water leakage
Temperature and steam setting

Scenario 3: The steam vents of the soleplate might be blocked by impurities such as scale

Perform calc-cleaning or decalcification on your iron.

Kindly refer to your user manual or this website for cleaning maintenance advice.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC4410/12 , GC2810/02 , GC2860/02 , GC2820/02 , GC3588/02 , GC4610/02 , GC4630/02 , GC4620/02 , GC3240/02 , GC1015/11 , GC4340/02 , GC4310/02 , GC3230/02 , GC3221/02 , GC3106/02 , GC2510/12 , GC1115/02 , GC3388/22 , GC4330/02 , GC1010/01 , GC4320/02 , GC1015/01 , GC1015/07 , GC3330/02 , GC3340/27 , GC1703/27 , GC1720/27 , GC1720/02 , GC1705/27 , GC1705/01 , GC2510/27 , GC2510/02 , GC4440/02 , GC4430/02 , GC4410/27 , GC4410/02 , GC2560/02 , GC2520/02 , HI570/02 , GC1665/02 . more less

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