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Skin protection system, Self-sharpening blades, 3-direction Flex Heads S1030/04


My Philips Shaver is leaking

If you see water leaking from your Philips Shaver, there is no need to worry. Find out the possible causes and solutions to this problem in our article.

There is some water inside your shaver

After cleaning your Philips Shaver or using it in the shower, some water may settle between its inner body and the outer shell. This water seeps out by itself over time, and it may seem like the shaver is leaking.

However, please be assured that the inner body of your shaver is completely watertight. This means that the water cannot reach the machinery of your shaver. You can continue to use your shaver without any trouble.

To avoid this issue, always shake off your shaver after washing it, and let it completely air dry before use.

The information on this page applies to the following models: S1030/04 , AT750/16 , S5050/04 , S5070/06 , S5070/04 , S5050/06 , S7370/12 , AT790/17 , AT610/14 , AT620/14 , HQ7350/17 , HS8440/23 , HS8420/23 , HQ7360/17 , HQ904/15 , HQ912/15 , HQ8260/17 , HQ8290/21 , HQ8270/17 , HQ8240/17 , HQ7320/17 , HQ7380/17 , HQ7340/17 , HQ7260/16 , HS8060/25 , HS8020/33 , HQ9199/22 , HQ9190/21 , HQ8290/17 , HQ8250/17 , HQ8140/16 , HQ8100/16 , HQ7782/16 , HQ7742/16 , HS8020/17 , HS8060/24 , HS8040/17 , RQ1050/18 , RQ1095/22 , RQ1090/20 , RQ1085/22 , RQ1060/20 , HQ6707/16 , HQ9160/16 , HQ7762/16 , HQ6725/16 , HQ8150/16 , HQ8160/16 , HQ7120/16 , HQ7140/16 , HQ7180/16 , HQ7240/16 , HQ7290/16 , HQ9140/16 , HQ9170/16 , HQ9190/22 . more less


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