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    Refurbished Systems - Ultrasound

    Philips understands the clinical and economic realities you are facing and brings proven technologies from our most advanced ultrasound systems into the Diamond Select portfolio. You get access to excellent image quality, as you would expect from a leader in premium ultrasound, for a more affordable price.


    Our Diamond Select Ultrasound systems have been carefully selected, refurbished, updated and quality tested. Plus, they are fully supported throughout their lifetime by our customer service organization.



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    Putting the patient at the top of the piramid.

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    The Croatian Bates family clinic’s objective is to prevent diseases rather then having to treat them. Technology is an important enabler together with dedicated patient centered care. Expanding their business with Diamond Select ultrasound systems meant being able to help more patients without compromising on quality and ultimately patient’s satisfaction.  


    Watch the video and dive into their passionate story around patient centered care.

     Completely rebuilt. Like     new. From the ground up.

    You are getting the features and options of a new system, with the affordability of a refurbished one."

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    Decontamination and
    professional repainting
    Parts replacement
    Software updates
    Testing and calibration
    and certification
    Customer delivery
    and service support
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