Clinical Informatics

Clinical Informatics

We support users across the healthcare system by streamlining management and analysis of clinical patient data generated by diagnostic imaging systems, cardiac testing equipment and patient monitors. We support the continuum of care through an effective suite of solutions for enhancing clinician workflow and patient care, while interfacing seamlessly with core hospital information systems.
  • Cardiology Informatics

    Cardiology Informatics

    Learn how our cardiovascular informatics solutions streamline workflow and optimize processes, giving you a single access point into advanced clinical applications, analytics, multi-modality images, and reports. Contact us to learn how we can help you enhance patient care and improve productivity.

  • Enterprise Imaging PACS

    Learn how Philips Enterprise Imaging PACS solution provides quick and easy access to images from multiple modalities. Unconstrained by your location, it has the power to transform your workflow and enhance patient care meeting clinical needs across the enterprise.

  • Radiology

    Discover how Philips radiology solutions help improve advance image quality & digitalization. Learn more about our advance work flow solutions.

  • Enterprise Imaging

    Enterprise Imaging

  • Advanced Visualization

    Philips IntelliSpace Portal is an advanced visualization and analysis solution that allows you to detect, diagnose, follow-up, and communicate, across clinical domains and modalities, with one seamless workflow.

Integrated healthcare informatics for enhanced patient care

At Philips, we see what’s possible when your hands put state‐of‐the‐art
in the hands of clinicians. 


We see that the decisions you make and technologies you select are just a few of the often unseen ways you work to improve healthcare every day, work made all the more complex when systems cannot communicate, valuable information is stuck in silos, and clinicians are so inundated with data that they struggle to see the bigger picture.


Philips provides a robust portfolio of clinically rich, technologically sound healthcare informatics that connect people, technology, and data across the health continuum. Our intelligent, secure solutions help integrate systems, aggregate data, accelerate workflows, and inform decisions, giving clinical teams the insights they need to make possible what matters most‐‐healthier patients.


Learn how we tailor solutions to make life better—for patients, for providers, and for you.

Connecting care with information that matters

Learn how our innovations in healthcare informatics address healthcare issues including clinical decision support, telehealth, interoperability, alarm fatigue, and more.

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