IntelliVue Spot check patient monitor

IntelliVue MP5SC

Spot check patient monitor

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Philips IntelliVue MP5SC with IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Scoring (EWS) helps enhance patient care by providing sought-after measurements and Clinical Decision Support right at the point of care.

IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Scoring

IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Scoring to aid rapid response

The IntelliVue MP5SC is fully configurable with IntelliVue Guardian Early Warning Scoring (EWS) settings, parameters, alarms, and screen layouts. It provides caregivers with direct access to an automated scoring system based on their own hospital’s policy and guidelines. Whatever the level of patient acuity and frequency of vital sign collection, IntelliVue Guardian EWS can help caregivers identify patient deterioration early with fast and easy Early Warning Scoring calculations.
Essential measurements

Essential measurements to support informed decisions

Philips is committed to providing excellent standard measurements such as NBP, Microstream CO₂ (including integrated Pulmonary Index), choice of spotcheck temperature technology with Suretemp, Tympanic Temperature or Temporal Temperature and a choice of pulse oximetry with Philips FAST SpO₂, Nellcor™ OxiMax™ SpO₂ or Masimo® rainbow® SET® SpO₂(including certain Masimo rainbow parameters).
Flexible operational modes

Flexible operational modes for use on the general ward

The monitor can be used in spot-check or continuous monitoring mode. In continuous mode, the IntelliVue MP5SC can be used for long-term bedside monitoring. Its optional EWS Escalation package allows the MP5SC to convert to a full ECG monitor via a patient-worn device when enhanced monitoring is required, such as during a code event.
Large 8.4" touchscreen

Large 8.4" touchscreen shows key data at a glance

This monitor has a large and bright 8.4" touchscreen with flexible parameter configurations to enhance patient care.
Flexible connectivity

Flexible MX40 connection with short range radio

Connects to the IntelliVue MX40 via Short Range Radio for multi-patient vital signs and occasional viewing of continuous monitoring.
IntelliVue user interface

IntelliVue user interface simplifies monitoring

The IntelliVue user interface is optimized for ease of use on the general floor. It supports efficient workflow, helping caregivers in a variety of settings to simply measure, evaluate, and document their patient’s vital signs and EWS scores.
Standard supplies

Standard supplies - same as rest of IntelliVue monitors

The MP5SC uses the same accessories as the rest of the IntelliVue family, standardizing training, ordering, and use throughout your facility.
Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support - Standard IntelliVue Guardian EWS

Standard IntelliVue Guardian EWS Clinical Decision Support with optional IntelliVue Guardian EWS Escalation Package for patient-worn, device-based wireless ECG monitoring.

IntelliVue Guardian enabling technology    

Automated early warning scoring (EWS)


Learn more about this and other advanced monitoring technology, wearables and software that seamlessly combine with enterprise-wide interoperability to get your hospital up and running quickly with automated early warning scoring.


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