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Healthcare’s Circular Economy in Practice

At Philips, ‘used’ does not equate to ‘worse.’ Through our Diamond Select refurbishment program, customers gain access to the same advanced technology that offers high-quality clinical and operational performance at a lower cost. The circular economy allows healthcare organizations to profit from and contribute to a cyclical, sustainable business model that helps them achieve the Quadruple Aim of better health outcomes, improved patient and staff experience, and lower cost of care.

NEW Radiology Staff Experience research: what’s wrong and how to fix it  

As part of our ongoing efforts to empower the people behind the image, we conducted a study of 254 rad techs and imaging directors. What we found were worrying levels of stress and burnout balanced by a strong commitment to patients.

A NEW PODCAST SERIES for and by imaging professionals

Join us for a series of conversations with imaging professionals where we explore bright ideas, best practices, unique perspectives and future visions for empowering the people behind the image.

Empowering you to realize precision diagnosis

We work collaboratively with customers to tightly align our innovations with their objectives to deliver meaningful and tangible value. In doing so, we enable our health system partners to achieve the goals of the Quadruple Aim: better outcomes at lower cost, as well as improving patient and staff experience.

We are pleased to share some of the achievements of our customer collaborations that demonstrate very clearly and concretely just how Philips is working to advance imaging with a portfolio of solutions that provide greater value to healthcare organizations, and greater benefit to their patients’ lives.

 Key opportunities to show value

  Focus on: Data-driven    practice management

Radiology performance metrics play an increasingly significant role in healthcare quality assessment. Continuous improvement measures – from dose management to utilization – can help you succeed in an era of value-based care.

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Improving the radiology staff and patient experience
Delivering high-quality patient care is the goal of every radiology department. However the demands of the job – growing scan volumes, less time spent with patients, complex workflows – can take a toll on staff performance and the experience of the patients you care for.
Increase diagnostic confidence to improve patient care
Your radiology department plays a critical role in diagnosing and guiding patients into the right treatment plans. Today, advances in medical imaging technology and radiology protocols hold tremendous potential to help radiologists reach more consistent, confident diagnoses faster.
Connect data and technology for efficiency and productivity
Imaging systems need to work seamlessly across the enterprise, by not only connecting the high volume of data being generated but contextualizing and serving up that data for better clinical decision-making.

 Our approach

A systems view focused on empowering the people behind the image


Our approach to radiology is about partnering with you to solve your problems through innovation and expert guidance.

Preparation: Engaging patients from the very start
Many people can find it intimidating or even frightening to get an imaging scan. With patient-centric design in all our systems, your patients can expect an experience thoughtfully designed to put their comfort and peace of mind first.
Image acquisition: Consistent scans and comfortable patients
Less patient movement—from more comfortable patients—can have a direct impact on reducing rescans. For staff behind the image, our customizable protocols and advanced applications help reduce variability to deliver the right image the first time.
Interpretation: Data and images put in context
The right image is the start, but a confident diagnosis comes from accessing the right clinical data, with meaning and in context. AI and deep learning are built into our clinical applications, shortening the path to clinical decision-making and treatment planning.
Outcomes and follow-up: Continually improve care delivery
With patient outcomes intrinsically linked to your productivity and financial performance, continually improving your department’s operations is critical. We provide real-time dashboards of insights into utilization, radiation dosage and more for continuous performance optimization.
Treatment: Beyond diagnostics to shorten the treatment path
Advanced imaging holds exciting potential for new treatment possibilities. Not only in planning and treatment simulation for radiation oncology patients, but supporting interventional specialists with image-guided therapy procedures.
Reporting: Information sharing across people and locations
Efficiency pressures require easy and flexible communication across all parties involved in a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan. Providing access to the same scans from any workstation, in-and outside hospital walls, makes collaboration and follow-up seamless.

 Solution spotlight

More patients per day thanks to fast MRI at KNC

In the months after they integrated Compressed SENSE in their MRI ExamCards, KOYASU Neurosurgical Clinic (KNC) in Kanagawa, Japan, has been able to scan over three additional MRI patients per day on average. Compressed SENSE made it possible to decrease time slot length from 20 to 15 minutes per patient without sacrificing image quality.

Radiation dose management for staff and patients with DoseWise

Take the first step in building an effective radiation dose management with DoseWise strategy by collecting complete and accurate data so you can analyze and measure your current performance. Adjust in real-time identity trends and take steps to build a safety culture in your department. 

Collaboration with ultra-portable tele-ultrasound

Get diagnostic capabilities at the point of care on your compatible smartphone with app-enabled Lumify portable ultrasound. Have more meaningful collaboration through 2-way video and audio and live ultrasound streaming with virtual guidance.

Enterprise imaging managed services

A full managed service offering for your clinical informatics suite, IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition provides a transparent total cost of ownership and a service-oriented payment model. With proactive monitoring, backup and restore services and more, your mission-critical systems are carefully managed and continually accessible.

IQon Spectral CT: the difference between imaging and insight

No longer do you have to choose between viewing anatomical structures and identifying material composition. Philips IQon Spectral CT, the world’s first-spectral detector-based CT, lets you do both with in-depth spectral information on demand and retrospective analysis, at a low dose.

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