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Collaborations – New radionuclide diagnostics center

New center realized through exemplary partnership

Oncology centers are increasingly set up to offer patients the complete spectrum of care they need, from the first appointment to the final follow-up. This helps institutes offer a greater standard of patient care, simplify workflow and distinguish themselves in the market. These complete oncology centers are built to excel in cancer diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, using complete turnkey solutions to increase capacity and patient demand for Molecular Imaging.


With Philips PET/SPECT scanning capability and an on-site radiopharmaceutical production facility created by IBA, these projects can be realized quickly and smoothly, thanks to exemplary planning and collaboration.

Exemplary partnership between EMC, Philips and IBA

An example of such an exemplary partnership is the realization of the new Center for Radionuclide Diagnostics for the Institute of Oncology in Moscow, Russia. The Institute is part of the European Medical Center (EMC), a leading private medical center. Sergey Morozov, MD, PhD, MPH, Deputy CEO, European Medical Center, says, “Our Institute of Oncology and Center for Radionuclide Diagnostics project is absolutely unique, as its realization took just a little more than one year. Strong partnership between Philips and IBA brought to life this successful project of a high-tech center aimed at the benefits and comfort of our patients above all.”


One reason why this project was so successful was the investment in communication and planning at an early stage. A team including doctors, radiochemists and other relevant clinical personnel was consulted from the very first, and their expertise was used to put together the final plans. All steps and requirements were thoroughly considered before production was started: design, meeting local regulations for nuclear safety and GMP standards, etc. That made the execution straightforward and efficient.

Professor Sergey Morozov giving a speech at the opening ceremony of the Center for Radionuclide Diagnostics.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Leading representatives of EMC, Philips and IBA discuss the new Institute for Oncology, the technical innovations it houses and its prospects for helping develop nuclear medicine in Russia.

Meeting the challenges head-on

Oncology care has its specific challenges. To be able to provide the high-precision diagnostics required to detect and treat cancer recurrence and metastases, a reliable supply of radionuclides is required. Sometimes distances are great, and it is often impossible to source short-lived radionuclides from other facilities.


For a future-focused healthcare center such as EMC, it is critical to have the capacity to produce radionuclides in-house. That also creates the option of supplying radionuclides to satellite medical centers or other hospitals in the regions.


With the opening ceremony, the Institute of Oncology at EMC was set up as a global Philips-IBA reference site, clearly showing the oncology solutions this collaboration makes possible. Several customers and partners have already visited the reference site to see how their centers, patients and staff could benefit from this turnkey solution, and more visits have been requested.

A photo of the opening ceremony of the Center for Radionuclide Diagnostics. Interested parties are being shown the BrightView XCT SPECT/CT scanner.

Focus on the future

EMC is committed to providing high-quality private oncology care. The EMC educational center, European Medical School, educates doctors and oncologists to provide a high standard of care. The new capabilities in the Center for Radionuclide Diagnostics are already being reflected in the seminars and courses the School offers.

Arman Voskerchyan, CEO, Philips Russia & Central Asia: “The opening of the EMC Center for Radionuclide Diagnostics is a very important milestone in the development of nuclear medicine in Russia. This is an excellent example of partnership bringing innovative solutions in healthcare to millions of patients.”

For more information

To find out more about the Philips/IBA turnkey approach to setting up complete oncology facilities, please download the brochure.

Written by:

elena dizendorf

Elena Dizendorf

Chief Medical Officer, Health Systems RCA

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